BEEJ MANTRA is a Prabhu Kripa Naam Path (Prayer of God) book , provided by Param Pujye Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji in Samagam’s(Ancient Traditional Science Convention) to every individual, which is free of cost for everyone.

By Chanting Beej Mantra Book 10 to 15 minutes everyday Morning & Evening , every issue of Physical , Mental and Financial condition could be resolved very easily, there is an excellent experience of Millions of Peoples all over the world who chant Beej Mantra Book Everyday.

There is a Password (Nishkilan Mantra) which needs to be chant before starting Beej Mantra Prayer and after completing the prayer everyday . Password is also provided by Param Pujye Brahmrishi Shree kumar Swamiji in every Samagam .

Beej Mantra Book can be chanted by any person who believes in any religion & there is no strict rule or any condition to Chant Beej Mantra.