Param Pujya Sadgurudevji has given new dimension to the procedure of divine Beej Mantra by the grace of God. All brothers & sisters please follow the new pattern in the Satsang. Those who have received the new dimension, they should do it accordingly. But those who have not received the new dimension in any samagam, they should do it at home only after having received the new procedure. This new dimension should not be revealed to anyone by anyone.

Those brothers and sisters who are doing the divine Paath are informed that if there is any birth or demise in the family, according to Shastras it is considered to be Sutak Kaal. During the period time of sisters and during Sutak Kaal, all devotees are advised not to leave the Paath, but continue doing the divine Paath regularly, without touching the sacred material, books etc.

Procedure for Paath of receiving grace thru Paath (Form of recitation)
  • Devotees should practice Paath in the Morning and in the Evening.Face East While Practicing the Divine Paath in the Morning and Face North in the Evening
  • To make the atmosphere pure, light a lamp of Pure Ghee made of cow's Milk or Mustard oil and give Dhuni/Dhooni of Chandan,Googal and Loban powder and divine sticks in the entire house.
  • Use Yellow woollen Aasan(mat) for practicing the Paath. Sprinkle some blessed water (Abhimantrit Jal) on the mat before practicing the Paath.
  • Wear Yellow gown in the Morning and white Gown in the Evening while practicing the Divine Paath.
  • Keep on your right side a utensil(preferably made of copper) filled with water. After completing the Paath, Offer the water kept in the utensils to plants.
  • Use X-shaped wooden stand called Riyal for keeping the holy books of Paath at the time of practicing the Divine Paath Do not practice the divine Paath by holding the books in hand.
  • Use Abhimantrit Mala(blessed rosary) either of Chandan (sandal-wood) or Rudraksh for practicing the Divine Paath If Possible, use Gomukhi(small bag made of cloth for keeping rosary) while practicing the Divine paath.
  • Keep all the holy books wrapped in Abhimantrit(blessed) red or yellow cloth.
  • Before practicing the Divine Beej Mantras and other Paath, recite the respective 'password' mentioned in the Prabhu Kripa/God Grace Magazine
  • Read Bhagwan Shree Ganpati Stotra Bhaskar once or read 12 underlined name of Lord Ganpati mentioned in the Stotra.
  • Read Shree-shiv-shakti-kritam Ganadheesh Stotram
  • Chant divine Beej Mantras. If possible chant 108 times, otherwise 9 times
  • Perform any one or two Arties whether Lord Ganpati, Mother Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Jagdish or Revered Sadguruji
  • Read Brahmand Ratan.
  • Read Guru Gita as per your convenience.
Essential while practicing the Paath
  • It is necessary to change Puja Samgari after two-and-a-quarter months.
  • Sisters can practice Paath during menstural period, without using the sacred books and the Puja Samagri,Folllow this procedure during 'Sutak'(birth) and paatak(demise) also
  • If you donot have sacred books or Puja Samagari while travelling by any mode of transport, you can practice the Divine Paath easily as per your memory

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